Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project 12

For project 12 you will need to go to Web 2012 Discovery education and click on related links at the bottom. Each week 2.0 tools are published. I chose to make a comic using the make beliefs comix. You can make your own comic about whatever you like. You will need to write a two paragraphs about your post following the guidelines for writing a quality blog post.

I used a program from 2.0 web tools for my assignment and this is the comic I created for the project.

I feel that when students are given the opportunity to create their own projects they will do a better job. Students that are visual learners will benefit tremendously from creating a comic. One of the main problems with students getting started with a topic for a writing assignment is choosing a subject. First, by creating a comic the students may narrow the subject. This will make it easier for them to get started.

I chose the good fairy, which is one of my childhood favorites. The fairy is turning the book into a computer. I felt this was appropriate for this class assignment. Since technology is what we have been exposed to in this class, and learning how to use it as a future educator will determine what type of teacher we will be I wanted to write my essay on creating a magical classroom. A classroom that I dreamed of teaching where the students were excited to read a story. The best part about being a student in the 21st century is learning to blog about what you have learned and share it with the world. I may just become a blogger after all and to be able to share how to blog will be like creating magic in the classroom.

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