Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post #11

children on computer
After watching First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class I couldn't believe these kids were blogging. They were having so much fun while learning to write. Also, they used wikis in their classroom to learn about rituals around the world. These kids are learning to collaborate while making their own videos, for example, they made one about counting. Can you believe they got to play on Nintendo DS too. They were playing Nintendog! Believe it or not they were actually learning how to get along by sharing and discussing how to take care of their dog.

Ms. Cassidy's class motivates me to learn as much technology as possible to share with my future students. By using wikis they will be educated on how to look up information in their future. I will definitely use a webpage for the students with the different subjects we are studying. I like the idea of teaching the students to blog at an early age, namely, this will boost their confidence in writing because of the comments they receive. I think that using Skype would be an excellent way for the students to visit other classrooms and acquire knowledge from other students. I think that I may encounter some problems with the Nintendo because of the problem of everyone wanting to play on it first. After all these kids are still learning to share.

After viewing the Ms. Cassidy"s Skype conversation I learned that she has the students blog about once a week. She talked about how she keeps the students safe, namely, they only use their first name and they don't put their picture on their post. She is teaching them some of the benefits of blogging, such as, learning to be nice when you leave a comment and not to say mean things. Also, she is teaching them the importance of where to go on her web page, for example, stay in the middle of the page and not on the sides. This is a great start for these first graders.

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  1. Cyndi,
    Great job discussing Ms. Cassidy's class! You also related her use of technology in her classroom to your ideas for your own classroom. She finds innovative ways to use what technology she is afforded by her school/district in order to reach them on their young, first grade level. I think this assignment is great for this class because it shows the reality and the difficulties surrounding working with technology and small children, but that it is possible if the teacher is patient and resourceful.
    Keep up the good work,