Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

E-Media Fast

While attempting to do this assignment by completing a 24 hour E-media fast here are some obstacles that I incurred: The first attempt was interrupted by the A/C service person trying to
get directions to my home, of course, I had to answer my cell phone because it is getting really hot. The second attempt was interrupted by my oldest daughter that lives in another state. I usually text her back the same day and so I did! The third and final attempt was interrupted by my youngest daughter that is enrolling in college in Texas this week and she called me about completing her fafsa. Although she lives by herself in Texas, my income will be used to determine eligibility for a grant because she is only 20 years of age.

Since I failed at this assignment and I am not a big media consumer, I know it will be hard for my future students to fast from media all day in the classroom. By attempting to do this assignment, I been enlightened to the fact that we are not living in Medieval times, so we must awaken and get busy spreading the technology of the age we are presently living. I was told in 2008 when I first turned on a computer that if I chose not to learn how to use it, that I should go home and close my door and never open it again. I understand what this statement means now that I have been educated by doing these blog post assignments.

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  1. You got it! Teach your students how to use technology for learning and not only for entertainment or for social reasons. They will be even less likely able to escape the constant use of technology.