Friday, April 13, 2012


Head with gears in it

Comment #1 March 1 Blog Post Comment

I posted this comment for Mr. Bernia on the Prezi he posted on leadership on March 1.

Your Prezi was very informative on leadership. I gained knowledge as well as motivation that I will take with me as a future educator. Thank you for your presentation.


I want to comment further by saying that I found the information can be useful for the students and anyone in leadership because if we are leaders we are role models whether we are at school or at the grocery store. Also he said leadership is about action not title. Lastly he said "if you want to lead people, give them freedom, purpose, and the chance to be an expert."

Comment #2 March 22 Blog Post Comment

Thank you, Mr. Bernia,

I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am new to twitter and I have learned that I will be a better teacher by collaborating using twitter today. Thanks for all the informative links.

Cyndi Ford


I posted a comment for Mr. Bernia on his March 22 Post. He shared a link for those of us who are new to twitter10 steps for educators new to twitter that I found to be motivating to use twitter more often.

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