Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My thoughts Special Post 12-A

a curious cat with glasses

For this assignment I read the article by Elli on curiosity fuels creativity teaching your kids to be curious and left her a comment on her article. I have to agree that being curious fuels creativity. I am always asking questions. I find that when people ask questions they are engaged in the conversation. As for the question of how to spark curiosity in children, I believe the more relaxed the children are the less fearful they will become and the thought of being wrong will not stifle their creativity.

My thoughts: When students are bored with learning facts they will not be engaged in how to remember all these facts, but when they have completed a group activity, for example, learning spelling words they will recall more of the words. The group may choose how to learn the words with either a crossword puzzle or using them in a sentence with a picture. Since all children learn differently, using different strategies will be necessary.

Also, I agree with Sir Robinson that while schools are focusing on drilling math and science into the students, they are not educating the students to think for  themselves. I feel strongly that all students should be allowed to participate in art, music, and dance. These are only some of the ways to become more creative. My oldest daughter told me that the school of performing arts in Mobile was her favorite school. I think that children learn by example, and that we have to model ways of being creative by using our teaching skills. The learning environment is the most important focus in the classroom.

From the American Psychological Association I found an article on motivating students to learn. This article tell us that "Research has shown that motivation is related to whether or not students have opportunities to be autonomous and to make important academic choices." So, by having choices, the students feel in control over their learning, thus further engaged in learning. "Teachers have observed that after the second or third grades, many students begin to show signs of losing their motivation to learn." So, what happens to their eagerness to learn? They are not given appropriate choices, therefore, they are not challenged to become independent thinkers and their creativity is shut down.


  1. Interesting. Good ideas. Well written.

    What simulates your curiosity?

  2. My curiosity is stimulated by the excitement of learning new techniques and ideas to enhance the environment of my life and the lives of future generations.