Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogpost #4

children on computers

First graders create podcast is an eye opener for me. I like the way these teachers organized the students into groups to create the podcast reading along in the Magic Tree House Series, The Vacation under the Volcano. When the students get to record their voices being the characters in the book, they are creating the podcast and also learning to read at the sane time.

Listening comprehension Podcasting is an exciting way to learn English. I did not realize how many times you have to hear a new vocabulary word to learn it.You need to hear the word 70 times! Also, by using podcasting you can hear the sound of the letters that make up the word and the words that follow to help learn the new vocabulary word.

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom is some very good information on the use of podcasting in the classroom. Using podcast can help students that may be out sick do their work from home. The parents can get involved in their child's studies. The student can review the lecture and post their comments.

Since children love to be the center of attention, podcasting is perfect for elementary students whether they are learning math, science, or any subject. Using podcasting can hold student's interest in a subject that they do not really like. Using project based education allows for creativity and innovation in the classroom.

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  1. Hey Cyndi,

    That is interesting that you must hear a word 70 times to truly understand the word. Sometimes, I think that I need to hear a word more like 100 times!

    Good job on your links! They work great! Also, your picture is done perfectly!

    Good job Cyndi!

    Stephen Akins