Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogpost #7


        After watching the video The Networked Studentclick here I found a new way to learn while networking with others. This teacher in the video is a teacher of connectivism. She empowers her students to take control of their learning. The student does not have a textbook. They use google scholar and their school library data base for valid information. They create their own blog and consult others to make sure they have the right information. This video was very informative and something I will use in the future.

My PLE is similar to this seventh grader on the video A Seventh Grader's PLEclick here It also include both personal and school sites. My personal sites are Facebook, which helps me stay up to date with friends. Also informative information for me to use teaching Sunday school is Kidologyclick here. I have a list for school with different websites that I find useful to complete projects. Some of these sites I have a bookmark that I use everyday are blogger: Dashboard, Google Maps, and News.

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  1. Instead of using click here as your button make use of some of the text that you have written. For example make The Networked Student the button and in the next instance make A Seventh Grader's PLE the button.

    You just scratched the surface of what this video had to say. How will connectivism change the role of a teacher?