Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blogpost #6

First, in Randy Pausch's last lecture click here he discusses his childhood dreams and how they were fulfilled when he became an adult. Second he explained how he achieved them and how he has enabled the dreams of others. Last he talks about his legacy he is leaving to millions of children.

While he fulfills his own childhood dreams, to name a few, experiencing zero gravity, winning stuffed animals, playing NFL football, and being a Disney imagineer. He talks about the brick walls that he hit and said that "the brick walls are there to stop the people that don't want it as much as you do." He did not become a football player, but he said he did get great experience while trying. He said that "experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted." He said he was glad he became a professor so he could enable others to experience their childhood dreams. Also he said "you should be glad when people critique you because they love you and care about you."

He did help his students, but he did not want to stop there so he helped invent video game simulators used by NYFD to teach firefighters to be first responders to chemical spills and terrorist attacks. He tells about ETC Entertainment Technology Center that he credits to Carnegie Mellon being the only place it could have developed. ETC is a two years professional degree. He describes the course as having no deans to report to, field trips, all project based, and intense fun student experience. ETC is global in three countries now. Companies are sending written agreements to hire the students when they graduate.

He described his project Alice that is his legacy he is leaving to millions of children to have fun while learning something hard. He described it as a head fake for the children. He said they can have fun writing software programs and not even know it is a program. He gives credit to Dennis Cosgrove and others for the project.

These are the points that he made to get you to achieve your dreams. He said you can't make it on your own. You need the role of parents, teachers, mentors, and students, to help you achieve these dreams. He said "Bosses" Respect authorities while questioning it." We learn from students because they understand how other students learn and have fun. Lastly he said never give up.

This video means so much to me because I did achieve my goals and dreams except for being a school teacher, which I am doing now at almost 50 years old. In another project titled my sentence, my sentence was never give up on your dreams. When I was a child I had many wonderful teachers and I wanted to be like them one day. They seemed to be very happy to be teaching. When I graduated I thought that I needed to make money, so I pursued a career in Real Estate and quickly climbed the ladder of success. Now I just want to live life and have fun along the way fulfilling my dream and the dreams of others.

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  1. I am glad you found the video useful. It is a powerful statement.